Wednesday, May 11, 2011

*UPDATED* Farmer's Markets are OPEN! (Happy Happy Joy Joy)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd, they're off! Check out PA Buy Fresh Buy Local for a terrific interactive map (just enter your zip code!) listing farmer's markets and many other wonderful local food interests. Grow Pittsburgh also has a great list of local urban farms, these are really super special places.
Of course, we have our wonderful year round markets (Pittsburgh Public Market and East Liberty Farmer's Cooperative), but now we can also choose from *literally* more than 100 others! Don't know where to begin? Each has its own flavor. I have a particular fondness for the mostly organic Farmer's@Firehouse, Phipps market, Public Market and both the East Liberty Cooperative and outdoor East Liberty markets. Then again, I haven't met a farmer's market that I didn't like. Here's a link to our city sponsored markets and the Carnegie Library's list of local food resources. Oh and last week's Post-Gazette also had a good list and they say they'll be adding an interactive map as well.

Happy marketing!